Cindy McCain: what next for the Republican Party? | The Economist Podcast

The Economist – Jan 23, 2021

Cindy McCain shocked the Republican Party when she endorsed Joe Biden for president. Now, the widow of John McCain tells The Economist Asks podcast about her prediction that the Republican Party will split and her hopes for a new era of political co-operation in America. 00:00 Why Cindy McCain endorsed Joe Biden 00:42 – President Biden’s inauguration 02:08 – Reaction to invasion of Capitol building 04:56 – McCain’s relationship with the Republican party 06:25 – John McCain’s view of political tussles 07:18 – Can Biden achieve cross-party co-operation? 08:46 – Has American democracy been damaged? Listen to the full interview with Cindy McCain on The Economist Asks podcast: Find our latest coverage of the Biden administration: Sign up to our weekly newsletter on American politics: Listen to Checks and Balance, our podcast about American politics: Read Cindy McCain’s “By Invitation” piece she wrote for The Economist: What can President Biden hope to achieve? 1843 Magazine: Fear and hope on Biden’s inauguration day: Why Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol building: How far-right digital media paved the way for the riot in Washington: Nearly half of republicans support the invasion of the US Capitol: Read about the array of legal trouble Donald Trump faces: Why Congress impeached Donald Trump for a second time: The right and the wrong ways to hold Donald Trump to account: What makes an ideal president and how will Joe Biden match up? Listen to the Checks and Balance podcast: The two extraordinary economic challenges Joe Biden will face:

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