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See Me: A Global Concert | Davos Agenda 2021

World Economic Forum – Jan 24, 2021

“See Me: A Global Concert” is the remarkable result of an international collaboration between hundreds of musicians, artists and film teams who took a leap of faith, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, to create together, across the world, a beautiful 23-minute musical production in the spirit of trust, connection and hope.

With the participation of Yo-Yo Ma, the Chamber Orchestra of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra, the Choir of the State Orchestra of São Paulo, the Orchestra della Toscana, the Drakensberg Boys Choir, the Beijing NCPA Orchestra, and sand artist Jim Denevan.

An original production by the World Economic Forum. Marin Alsop, Music Director. Nico Daswani, Executive Producer. Bernadette Wegenstein, Film Director. Es Devlin, Creative Director. John Benam, Director of Photography. Annette Porter, Film Producer. Generous support provided by Intesa Sanpaolo.

The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. We believe that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change.

Environmentalists, industries are trying to find a methane solution

PBS NewsHour – Jan 24, 2021

Methane emissions caused by human-related activities, especially from livestock, and oil and gas industries, are responsible for 25% of global warming, according to the United Nations. Hari Sreenivasan reports on the growing call by environmentalists and the oil and gas industry to measure and curb methane emissions. The report is part of our ongoing series on climate change, “Peril and Promise.”

4 Years of the Trump Presidency in 6 Minutes | NYT Politics

The New York Times – Jan 20, 2021

We revisit memorable moments from the past four years.

COVID & Climate | mental Health Crisis Among The Most Vulnerable Needs Us To Cooperate | Saima Wazed

Nick Breeze– Started 2 minutes ago

Podcast: https://climateseries.com/climate-cha…https://www.facebook.com/ShuchonaFoun…​ Climate Vulnerable Forum: https://thecvf.org

Welcome to Shaping Te Future – in this episode I am talking with Saima Wazed who is one of the 25 experts advising the World Health Organisation’s panel on mental health and she is also the founder of the Not For Profit Shuchona Foundation.

Recently Saima has also taken up the role of the Thematic Ambassador for the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), which represents 48 countries and 1.2 billion people, who are on the frontlines of climate change.

There is a widespread tendency among many of us to view the climate crisis as a future issue. Many people feel extreme anxiety about what the future holds and the lack of progress being made to change to a sustainable course.

The Climate Vulnerable Forum represents countries where populations are experiencing extreme impacts today, losing loved ones, livelihoods and their homes. Saima highlights the parallels between the impact of extreme climate and the pressures that vulnerable people from all walks of life are faced with.

The question we must ask is whether we can now start to use empathy as a tool to make the big leaps towards true sustainability beyond the confines of empty rhetoric?

Thank you for listening to Shaping The Future – we have many more interviews to follow in this all-important year. Please subscribe on your preferred channel to catch each episode.

Podcast: https://climateseries.com/climate-cha…
Climate Vulnerable Forum: https://thecvf.org

Cindy McCain: what next for the Republican Party? | The Economist Podcast

The Economist – Jan 23, 2021

Cindy McCain shocked the Republican Party when she endorsed Joe Biden for president. Now, the widow of John McCain tells The Economist Asks podcast about her prediction that the Republican Party will split and her hopes for a new era of political co-operation in America. 00:00 Why Cindy McCain endorsed Joe Biden 00:42 – President Biden’s inauguration 02:08 – Reaction to invasion of Capitol building 04:56 – McCain’s relationship with the Republican party 06:25 – John McCain’s view of political tussles 07:18 – Can Biden achieve cross-party co-operation? 08:46 – Has American democracy been damaged? Listen to the full interview with Cindy McCain on The Economist Asks podcast: https://econ.st/3988YpW Find our latest coverage of the Biden administration: https://econ.st/363xnea Sign up to our weekly newsletter on American politics: https://econ.st/3l5C4dl Listen to Checks and Balance, our podcast about American politics: https://econ.st/2EmBIOU Read Cindy McCain’s “By Invitation” piece she wrote for The Economist: https://econ.st/2LVolJl What can President Biden hope to achieve? https://econ.st/3c3fTCk 1843 Magazine: Fear and hope on Biden’s inauguration day: https://econ.st/3oc5gQa Why Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol building: https://econ.st/3nKMZZV How far-right digital media paved the way for the riot in Washington: https://econ.st/2XKm0U2 Nearly half of republicans support the invasion of the US Capitol: https://econ.st/39F8fLX Read about the array of legal trouble Donald Trump faces: https://econ.st/397c6SX Why Congress impeached Donald Trump for a second time: https://econ.st/3sqSu3z The right and the wrong ways to hold Donald Trump to account: https://econ.st/35Jj6my What makes an ideal president and how will Joe Biden match up? Listen to the Checks and Balance podcast: https://econ.st/2XGm1rM The two extraordinary economic challenges Joe Biden will face: https://econ.st/2XHCNXJ

SNP sets out plans for second independence referendum

Channel 4 News – Jan 24, 2021

The Scottish National Party has set out plans to hold a vote on independence – if they win elections in May.
The party’s leader Nicola Sturgeon said polls showed that a majority of Scottish people were in favour of independence – and she vowed to go ahead with a ‘legal referendum’ after the pandemic – whether or not Westminster gives its consent.

Covid becoming ‘more efficient at living in humans’, says University of Oxford’s Prof Sir John Bell

Channel 4 News – Jan 24, 2021

We spoke to Professor Sir John Bell, who is Regius Professor of Medicine at the University of Oxford, and sits on the government’s taskforce.

Spanish Flu: a warning from history

Cambridge University – Nov 30, 2018

100 years ago, celebrations marking the end of the First World War were cut short by the onslaught of a devastating disease – the 1918-19 influenza pandemic. Its early origins and initial geographical starting point still remain a mystery but in the Summer of 1918, there was a second wave of a far more virulent form of the influenza virus than anyone could have anticipated. Soon dubbed ‘Spanish Flu’ after its effects were reported in the country’s newspapers, the virus rapidly spread across much of the globe to become one of the worst natural disasters in human history. To mark the centenary and to highlight vital scientific research, the University of Cambridge has made a new film exploring what we have learnt about Spanish Flu, the urgent threat posed by influenza today, and how scientists are preparing for future pandemics.

Greta Thunberg Says ‘Time Will Tell’ If Biden Administration Fulfills Promises On Climate Change

MSNBC – Jan 22, 2021

Climate change activist Greta Thunberg says that the climate goals from the Biden administration are “very far from being in line with the Paris Agreement” but welcomes the new tone from the president. Aired on 01/22/2021.

Rep. Bush To GOP Reps Who Protested Metal Detectors: Find Another Job | All In | MSNBC


Jan 12, 2021

Rep. Cori Bush to her colleagues in Congress who refused to go through metal detectors: “If they want a bye for the simple things this job calls for, then go find another one.” Aired on 01/12/2021.