National Archives Video Collection

Nov 4, 2015
On WPA relief operations in New England. Reel 1, hurricane and tidal waves hit the Long Island coast in Dec. 1938. The hurricane and flood waters rage across New England. Derailed trains, felled trees, damaged homes, flooded streets, and other evidences of the catastrophe are shown. Coast Guard crews rescue stranded citizens. WPA and CCC units erect sandbag levees. Reel 2, WPA director Harry Hopkins arrives at Providence, R.I., to survey damage. WPA units deliver food and medical supplies by truck,…

Date: 1931 – 1937
Creators: Federal Works Agency. Work Projects Administration. 7/1/1939-6/30/1943 (Most Recent)
From: Series: Motion Picture Films, 1931 1922 – 1937 1944
Record Group 69: Records of the Work Projects Administration, 1922 – 1944
localIdentifier: 69.49
naId: 12363

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