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Lincoln Project releases attack ad on Sen. Josh Hawley


Published on Jan 8, 2021

An online petition declared Missouri Senator Josh Hawley “needs to be removed from office,” and thousands signed on in agreement.

This follows a chaotic scene at the United States Capitol the same day Hawley led the effort in the Senate to reject Joe Biden’s electoral victory, due to unsubstantiated claims of election insecurity.

The petition was taken off MoveOn.org without explanation by Thursday evening, but only after it gained more than 20,00 signatures. That makes it about as consequential, legally speaking, as if it was still available, said St. Louis University Law professor Anders Walker.

“A United States senator cannot be recalled. Only a vote in the Senate to expel a senator can remove an acting senator,” he said. “If people want to get rid of Senator Hawley, they’re going to have to vote in 2024,” he said.

Rudy Giuliani Facing New York State Bar Revocation | NBC New York

NBC New York

Published on Jan 11, 2021

Rudy Giuliani is facing possible expulsion from the New York State Bar Association over incendiary remarks he made to President Donald Trump’s supporters last week before they violently stormed the U.S. Capitol. NBC New York’s Chris Glorioso reports.

Local clergy members call for Hawley’s resignation after U.S. Capitol riot

KMOV St. Louis

Published on Jan 7, 2021

Senator Josh Hawley’s constituents say Hawley has dug a hole it’s too late for him to climb out of. Less than 24 hours after rioters stormed the capitol to use violence to try and stop the certification of the electoral college, a number of organizations began petitioning here in Missouri for the resignation of Hawley.

Armed National Guard arrive at the Capitol

Associated Press

Published on Jan 13, 2021

Armed National Guard arrive at the Capitol

2021/01/12 China-U.S. ties: Trump’s legacy, Biden’s challenge / Assault on U.S. capitol


Published on Jan 13, 2021

For more: https://www.cgtn.com/video

— The Trump administration makes an eleventh-hour policy change on Taiwan, with hurdles to official contact with the island taken down. How will the Biden administration pick up where Trump left off?

— Chaotic transition of power in the U.S. – what does it mean for the rest of the world? Answers from Kishore Mahbubani, a Singaporean diplomat and scholar.

As COVID Surges in L.A., Hard-Hit Indigenous Communities Fight to Preserve Life, Culture & Language

Democracy Now!

Published on Jan 13, 2021

As Los Angeles County reports record COVID-19 infections, overflowing hospitals and record death tolls, we look at how Indigenous communities there are among the hardest hit in working-class neighborhoods, where many are essential workers. “Indigenous people, we don’t have the privilege to stay home and not go to work,” says Odilia Romero, co-founder and executive director of Indigenous Communities in Leadership, or CIELO, an Indigenous women-led nonprofit organization in Los Angeles. Romero also laments “the loss of knowledge” that comes with the devastation of COVID-19. “Some of the elders have passed away, and there goes a whole worldview,” she says. CIELO recently published a book documenting the stories of undocumented Indigenous women from Mexico and Guatemala living in Los Angeles in the midst of the pandemic.

Top U.S. & World Headlines — January 13, 2021

America Has Entered the Weimar Era: Walden Bello on How Neoliberalism Fueled Trump & Violent Right

Democracy Now!

Published on Jan 12, 2021

Democrats in Congress are pushing ahead with impeachment following the violent insurrection that killed five people at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. The single article of impeachment against President Trump cites his incitement of insurrection and accuses him of subverting and obstructing the certification of the 2020 election. This comes as authorities are warning of more right-wing violence around Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, with possible armed far-right protests planned at all 50 state capitols as well as the U.S. Capitol. We speak with Walden Bello, an acclaimed sociologist, academic, environmentalist and activist, whose latest column argues the United States has entered a “Weimar Era,” in which democratic elections are increasingly delegitimized as street violence becomes the norm. “This is not something that’s unusual that has happened in the Capitol. Right-wing groups, when they begin to lose electorally, … they resort to the streets and to violence in order to stop that process,” says Bello.

“American Abyss”: Fascism Historian Tim Snyder on Trump’s Coup Attempt, Impeachment & What’s Next

Democracy Now!

Published on Jan 13, 2021

As the House votes to impeach President Trump, the FBI warns there could be a repeat of the violent insurrection he encouraged on January 6, with Trump loyalists planning to hold armed protests nationwide ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration. We speak with Timothy Snyder, a historian of fascism, who says the riot at the U.S. Capitol was “completely and utterly predictable” given President Trump’s record of stoking extremism and undermining democratic institutions. “The American republic is hanging by a thread because the president of the United States has sought to use violence to stay in power and essentially to overthrow our constitutional system,” says Snyder.

Indigenous communities’ history with health-care system creating vaccine hesitancy

CBC News: The National

Published on Jan 13, 2021

A difficult history with the health-care system has made some Indigenous people leery of the COVID-19 vaccine as it arrives in remote communities. Officials are working with local leaders and Indigenous medical professionals to convince people to roll up their sleeves.