Reinvigorate Your 2021 Classroom Workshop Sneak Peek

New EdTech Classroom

Streamed live 3 hours ago
Over the past year, I’ve heard from thousands of teachers as you’ve made the sudden shift toward remote and blended learning. Regardless of your subject area or grade-level, the same questions consistently come up:

How can I make my online lessons more engaging so students actually want to come to class and participate?
How can I streamline my practices so I’m not spending so much time planning lessons and giving feedback?
How do I know what my students are doing on their individual computers when I can’t see their screens?

That’s why I’ve teamed up with an experienced group of educators from Marco Learning to create a special 1-day workshop to answer these critical questions.
In this live show, Marco Learning founder John Moscatiello and I will discuss why we created the workshop and provide a sneak peek of our 1-day workshop on January 16th.

Check out the full schedule and register by clicking on the link below.…

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