Has Trump abused social media? | Inside Story

Al Jazeera English

Jan 10, 2021
For years, Twitter was Donald Trump’s go-to platform to promote his policies, attack his critics and to spread misinformation.
But on Friday, Twitter said enough, and permanently suspended his account, due to a risk of further incitement of violence.
That’s the President of the United States, banned, for encouraging violence in his own country.
Social media platforms were under growing pressure to take action against Trump, after hundreds of his supporters stormed Capitol Hill in Washington on Wednesday.
But is that a crackdown on freedom of speech?
And how has social media helped those in power push their agendas?

Presenter: Kamahl Santamaria

Jim Anderson, CEO of SocialFlow, a tech company specialising in distributing social media content.
Claire Wardle, U.S. branch Director at First Draft, a non-profit aimed at tackling misinformation globally.
Mark Douglas, CEO and founder of the adtech firm, Steelhouse.

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