Can US democracy recover? | The Stream

Al Jazeera English
10 Jan. 2021

Streamed live 43 minutes ago

Chaos in America A violent mob this week broke through police lines in Washington DC and stormed the Capitol Building – the seat of American democracy – in an attempt to stop Joe Biden being certified as president. One woman was shot dead by police and police say three others died from unspecified medical emergencies. Even as the drama of the images stunned the world, many observers said the insurrection should not have come as a surprise. Outgoing President Donald Trump had continued to claim fraud from election night to the morning of the violence, when he inflamed a crowd of supporters and called on them to “walk down to the Capitol”. Many took him at his word. Now even some of his most loyal supporters are turning against Trump and calls are growing to remove him from office before January 20th, on which the transition to Biden will happen. In this segment, we ask whether the US can recover from a direct assault on its democratic principles.

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