No Car = No Vote in Georgia Senate Run-off 2021 (w/ Greg Palast)

Thom Hartmann Program

Nov 23, 2020

Georgia residents wishing to vote might be out of luck if they don’t have a car thanks to Brian Kemp’s new rule which amounts to a poll tax, any voter without a car registered in Georgia, could be blocked from voting! Sunday before midnight, the Georgia secretary of state snuck out an “Emergency” rules change that would make it far more difficult for students and poor people to register to vote before the Senate runoff. It allows any county elections official to block registration if a voter is suspected of being a non-resident, the evidence being that they do not have a registered Georgia automobile. No car equals no vote in Georgia senate race 2021. You can appeal, but only AFTER the Senate run-off. Just how crooked is US politics?

Greg Palast joined Thom to explain that if you don’t have a GA registered car, you will be struck off the voter role. Greg Palast is an investigative journalist and author. His latest book is “How Trump Stole 2020”.

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