Some Elements in an Historical Archaeology of The Atlantic Trade System:What Will Count as Evidence? Part 1 | EV & N 369 | CCTV

YouTube Version

The Atlantic trade system that evolved over the last five hundred + years since 1492 needs to to be reconstructed from multiple resources including documents, ethno-botanical research, soil science, field excavations, cartographic history, historical epidemiology, the historic ecology of biological invasions, etc. 

Fortunately, new techniques of digitization and video communication make it possible now for the first time to convene international colloquia of specialists from all different countries, research disciplines and realms of expertise to share in cooperative research and teaching on a new scale in the global humanities.  Through “virtual” study and learning groups like “The Africa Map Circle” Africanists from many traditions can meet to share, examine and discuss rate and previously inaccessible resources on a scale never before possible.



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