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In Georgia, a mad sprint to capture the U.S. Senate

PBS NewsHour

Published on Dec 7, 2020

The nation’s immediate future comes down to this: one month in one state. In Georgia, Democrats need to win both U.S. Senate runoffs in January in order to control the chamber, and Republicans need to keep their base fired up. Lisa Desjardins has the story.

Hunger in US | ‘Everybody’s just worried about their next meal’


Dec 7, 2020

#Hunger in the #UnitedStates is up markedly this year. Feeding America says the number of people seeking help at its food banks nationwide has increased an average of 60% since the pandemic began. Four out of every 10 people have never set foot in a pantry until now. Feeding America’s own 181 food banks have distributed 1.6 billion pounds of food per quarter in the pandemic, compared with roughly 1 billion before. The AP’s hunger project included a portrait series with pantry patrons across the country — several of them first-timers who’ve fallen on hard times.


Fall Meeting 2020 Press Conference: Impacts of covid-19 on people and the environment


Dec 7, 2020

The covid-19 pandemic has impacted human lives in tangible, multifaceted ways. This panel discusses how remote sensing data is beginning to show some of the less tangible but still important ways the pandemic is affecting both people and the environment. After several months of the pandemic, scientists now have enough remote sensing data to observe trends emerging due to covid-19 as well as a more nuanced understanding of the pandemic’s effects. Each member of the panel will hone in on a specific example: deforestation, atmospheric pollution and inequality, urban light and snow albedo.

Oliver Stone on 50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination

Nov 5, 2013

Free Speech TV

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Oliver Stone discusses the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, which was chronicled in his blockbuster film, “JFK.” A Vietnam War veteran, Stone has made around two dozen acclaimed Hollywood films, including “Platoon,” “Salvador,” “Born on the Fourth of July,” “Nixon,” “South of the Border” and “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.” A commemorative edition of “JFK” comes out next week.

Bioneers Conference 2020 Trailer

Free Speech TV

Dec 7, 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, we are thrilled to announce the #2020Bioneers Conference this December. We’re excited to be able to provide engagement opportunities to match the needs of all participants. Considering joining us? Check out the trailer to discover what you can expect from the #BioneersConference2020.

The Rise and Expansion of the Lunda Empire | John Thornton | 11.2.20

Boston University African Studies Center

Dec 6, 2020

Walter Rodney Seminar at Boston University African Studies Center, November 2, 2020

Picturesque Rhode Island 1881 Profusely Illustrated w/ Advertising & 4 maps

Brian DiMambro Antiquarian

Dec 2, 2020
[Old promotional and tourism Books, Americana, Rhode Island,
Illustrated Books, 19th Century Books, Period Advertising,
Decorative Book Bindings, Books with Maps].

Short video captures condition much better than words. Please watch prior to purchase to ensure a clear understanding of the book.

Picturesque Rhode Island. Pen and Pencil Sketches of the Scenery and History of its Cities, Towns, and Hamlets, and of Men who have made them Famous, by Wilfred H. Munro.
Published 1881, Providence, Rhode Island by J.A. & R.A. Reid.
304 pages, xii pp. Well illustrated with views. Supplement with detailed info about RI factories and manufacturers. Text in English.

Four maps including two large folding city plans. Profusion of full page advertisements throughout, often illustrated. Complete

Decoratively embossed period full grained leather binding, smooth spine, gilt bands, gilt cover lettering on spines and cover. All edges gilt.

Two large folding maps both clean, one with long tear near inset tab as often seen (easily mendable with archival tape if desired).

Binding remains clean, tight, and sound. Interior contents display a pleasing age patina, largely free of age spotting, a few pages in center display tide mark from old damp staining. Any age flaws are easy to overlook or forgive.

Wonderful promotional book for this New England state in the very rare deluxe full leather binding, perhaps custom for the owner stamped in gilt “Riggs House”. Splendid example despite any age flaws.

Book measures: 10 1/2″ H X 8″ W.


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