1: An Introduction to the Biointensive Method

John Jeavons

Dec 2, 2020

‘En Nuestras Manos / In Our Hands’

EPISODE 1: An Introduction to the Biointensive Method

Goal: Grow more using less

In this introductory episode we will get acquainted with some of the concepts that will help you to grow food sustainably, and meet some of the leaders in the Biointensive farm movement. Together these visionaries have been responsible for training and inspiring many thousands of farmers; much of that across Latin America and Africa.

Travel to the pre-Columbian heart of Mexico City to the ancient aquatic farms of Xochimilco. Here we discover a farming culture that has thrived for well over 1000 years but now contends with land rendered barren by the chemical‐industrial methods of the Green Revolution. In response, we find a small group who is using the GROW BIOINTENSIVE® method to heal their land and return to a traditional path in harmony with the environment.

Produced by Earth Lodge Studio (http://earthlodgestudio.com)

‘En Nuestras Manos’ / ‘In Our Hands’ is a project of Ecology Action and was made possible by our generous funders, including Patagonia Works, The Warsh Mott Foundation and Cynthia Raiser Jeavons.


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