Impossible Human – Episode 2 | Extinction Rebellion UK

Extinction Rebellion

Premieres Dec 8, 2020

Impossible Human: three conversations exploring change, vision, surrender, and living with Earth Impossible Human is a look into visionary cultures and social change. Delving into the potential of this liminal moment to ask how we might respond to our times and face into the future together. How can we light the path for the future and write a new story?

Hosted by Kary Stewart – Social Change Journalist.

Episode 2 – Tiokasin Ghosthorse a faculty member at Yale University’s School of Divinity, Ecology and Forestry, member of the Cheyenne River Lakota Nation of South Dakota, and an international speaker on Peace, Indigenous and Mother Earth perspective. Tiokasin asks what does it mean to live with Earth rather than on the Earth? He shares his sense of gladness at being alive now in this time of change, that She is in control. A deep far-ranging conversation about living from the heart, with Earth as our teacher. We think that going dark is bad for us but from the dark you see that light easier. If we’re always in the light you can never see the darkness. So positive and negative, I don’t know if that works anymore. The intelligence is what lies between the lines you see. Streaming on Extinction Rebellion Facebook & Youtube. #socialchange #skeenarathor #consciouness #evolvinghumans #newparadigms #consciounessupgrade #xr #xrimpossiblehuman #impossiblehuman More info:… And watch the trailer here:–GlZIPgJ/

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