AFRICA – Written & Presented by Basil Davidson Executive Producer – Episode 1 Different but Equal

Ousmane N’diaye

PART 1 : A very well documented series on African History from way before, during and after Slavery trade and colonial period to contemporary times. This Documentary is the work of the British author and Africanist Basil Davidson ….. I upload and share this for education purposes only with people who are interested in Africa and African History as a Whole. In these series you will learn that Africans had their own civilizations, kingdoms, trades, and values way before the invasion of the western world.

* * *

According to Wikipedia:

Africa: A Voyage of Discovery was a series about the history of Africa with Basil Davidson. It was produced in a collaboration between Channel 4, the Nigerian Television Authority and RM Arts in 1984 and consisted of eight parts in four episodes. The film received the Gold Award from the 1984 International Film and Television Festival of New York. Each part is around an hour long.[1][2]

  • Different But Equal
  • Mastering of a Continent
  • Caravans of Gold
  • The King and The City
  • The Bible and the Gun
  • The Magnificent African Cake
  • The Rise of Nationalism
  • The Legacy

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