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Fighting COVID-19 in cities: Perspectives from the Cities that Work council

International Growth Centre

Jun 18, 2020

Cities accomplish many wonderful things – they enable people to exchange ideas, goods and services, and many other forms of collaboration. However, the fact that they serve as international and national gateways, coupled with the close proximity between people, means they are also fertile ground for contagion. On 10th June 2020, the Cities that Work Council came together to discuss evidence and experience on the city-level response to COVID-19. This video shows highlights of this meeting.

AFRICA’S GREAT CIVILIZATIONS | Interview with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. | PBS


Feb 24, 2017

Learn more: http://to.pbs.org/2mhsjdD | #AfricasCivilizationsPBS Henry Louis Gates, Jr. discusses his documentary AFRICA’S GREAT CIVILIZATIONS, from debunking myths about Africa to the discoveries he made during his journey.

Big News From Black Rock (Director’s Cut)


Feb 23, 2020

Black Rock is the largest investment firm in the world. They hold 7 Trillion in assets. They are backing out of fossil fuels, and beginning to key their decisions on sustainability.