Food Systems Transformation: Promoting Human, Ecological, and Animal Health and Well-being: A Shared Vision and Narrative

We know that a healthy planet provides the foundation for diverse and resilient ecosystems, which in turn are the bedrock for human health and well-being.1 Over the last several decades, however, profound changes in the way food is grown, processed, distributed, consumed, and wasted have resulted in the creation of food systems that increasingly push climate change, biodiversity loss, shifts in nutrient cycles (nitrogen and phosphorus), and land use beyond planetary boundaries.

The ongoing planetary emergency and COVID-19 pandemic have exposed the fragility of our global food systems, in particular their inherent inequalities, injustices, and interlinked nature. We are reminded of just how fundamental ecological and animal health are to human health.3 In addition, malnutrition (hunger, obesity, overweight, micronutrient deficiencies) and the associated rise of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) (e.g., cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer), antibiotic resistance, environmental contamination,

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