Fact-checking Pres. Trump’s Final Rally of 2020 Campaign | LIVE | NowThis

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Started streaming 20 minutes ago

HAPPENING NOW—FINAL TRUMP FACT CHECK: Pres. Trump holds a midnight rally in Grand Rapids, MI. We’re fact checking live for the last time before Election Day. This is Trump’s fifth and final rally of the day. He’s spent the day falsely claiming that voter fraud is rampant (it’s so rare as to be almost nonexistent), that America is ‘turning the corner’ on COVID-19 (the virus is actually surging at a record rate), and that Joe Biden will mandate a national lockdown and quadruple everyone’s taxes (Biden has never proposed such plans). If you have election questions, leave them in the Facebook comments or tweet them at @apiper13 and we’ll try to answer as many as possible before Trump comes on.

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