Environmental Humanities – Yale

Calendar of Events

In this time of profound environmental transformation, humanities perspectives are urgently needed to help interpret and give meaning to the rapidly changing world around us. Humanities scholars have an opportunity to reshape how we think about environmental problems and “the environment” itself. In turn, interdisciplinary dialogue with scientists and social scientists can stimulate the humanities in productive ways, raising new research questions and providing fresh ways to approach longstanding issues.

Yale Environmental Humanities aims to deepen our understanding of the ways that culture is intertwined with nature. How can humanities disciplines contribute to a broad interdisciplinary conversation about humanity and the fate of the planet?  How can the study of environmental topics, in turn, reshape teaching and research in the humanities? What can humanities scholars learn through greater collaboration with social and natural scientists, and what can the sciences learn from the humanities?

Yale Environmental Humanities gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the inaugural 320 York Humanities Grant Program, the Yale School of the  Environment, the Whitney Humanities Center, and The Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Memorial Fund.

Connect with Yale Environmental Humanities:

Email: environmentalhumanities@yale.edu

Twitter: @YaleEnvHum

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YaleEnvHum

2018-2019 Contacts

Faculty Coordinator: Paul Sabin

Graduate Student Coordinator: Abigail Fields

Program Assistant: Gabriella Blatt

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