On Collapse and Hope with Clare, Caroline and Naresh | Extinction Rebellion UK

Extinction Rebellion

Premiered 2 hours ago

Platforming a dialogue between Clare Farrell and Caroline from Climate Psychology Alliance and Naresh from Transition Towns and Deep Adaptation around the themes of collapse and hope.**

There has been an interesting response in recent months to the proposal from the deep adaptation agenda, facing collapse and accepting loss. Extinction rebellion has challenged the perceived wisdom of the wider environmental movement and the third sector by accepting, supporting and communicating the emotional impact we feel when we fully accept the scale of risk, and the vast sense of loss present in these times due to the emergency in our biosphere.

We are often asked to choose between conversations on collapse, or a narrative rooted in the concept of hope. Here we aimed to show that both can be present, in a considered, generous and yet honest discussion. Refusing to allow hope and our complex reality to be pitted against one another as a binary choice might be an important stand to take if we are to fully prepare for our uncertain future.

[** NB: This XR Dialogue was recorded a few days before the
start of the September 2020 Rebellion]

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