Collapse? Doomsday? Consider the ‘Faith Proposition’

Facing Future

Oct 8, 2020

Watch and share this discussion between Herman Daly, founder of Ecological Economics, and Stuart Scott, the dedicated eco-warrior.

Our addiction to growth economics in the industrialized world continues to push us over the edge. Do we succumb to dejection and a different kind of denialism (that we can do anything about the situation), or do we respond with resolute action and the knowledge that it is our moral, ethical responsibility to do everything we can to change society’s direction. Look what Greta Thunberg did. One little girl moved mountains. Are we any less capable than she is?

The Facing Future Team is seeking volunteers on all social media platforms, especially bilingual folks who can help our work penetrate into other nations and cultures. Please email us at Contact if you would like to help turn humanity’s tragic direction around.

The current #Coronavirus #Pandemic has not stopped #ClimateChange, though it has completely eclipsed the long term threat with a short term but significant one. #Collapse is avoidable. #Doomsday is not written in stone. #Action is the only moral/ethical response to our predicament.

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