Where Can We Turn to Learn? The Struggle for Truth in the Anthropocene (in Face of Official Disinformation, Corporate Propaganda and Pervasive Public Mistrust) | EV & N 362 | CCTV



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In the face of official disinformation, corporate propaganda and the loss of faith in public institutions, it is a struggle to locate truth in the Anthropocene. Our circumstance has to be understood in light of the decades-long assault on truth from the world’s largest and most wealthy corporations who have sought since the 1970s to discredit the findings of scientific research in the realms of the public health impact of cigarette smoking, the coal-plant contribution to acidic precipitation and the well-documented and destabilizing impact of greenhouse gases upon Earth’s global climate system.

This half-century, systematic assault by the world’s most powerful corporations on the integrity of science is now proving the magnitude of its truly impressive success to the world at large. Through all the decades of their drive to reshape the economic foundations of the world economy and their parallel effort to mold public consciousness corporations have succeeded in placing industrial civilization on a pathway toward self-generated extinction through resource exhaustion driven by the ever expanding combustion of non-renewable fossilized carbon.

With the adoption of “perpetual growth economics” as their mantra and gospel, corporate evangelicals have captured the imaginations of both Wall Street and “Main Street”– excluding virtually all other vocabularies for discussing and understanding the human condition. Their success has proved to be a profoundly sad and massively tragic victory because it is collectively suicidal for industrial civilization.

Where can we turn to learn of the alternatives to our collective path toward civilizational self-destruction?

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