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Trump appears to be coming back to bargaining table on stimulus

CNBC Television

Oct 9, 2020

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin spoke Thursday about the prospect of striking a broad coronavirus stimulus deal, after President Donald Trump pulled out of talks earlier this week and called for stand-alone bills. CNBC’s Ylan Mui reports.

Trump Unmoored Calls For Indictment Of His Political Opponents | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Oct 9, 2020

The president on Thursday called for AG Barr to indict Joe Biden for the ‘greatest political crime in the history of our country.’ Trump also called for the indict of former President Obama. The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 10/09/2020

Amid Murky Health Details, Trump Wants To Hold Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Oct 9, 2020

The president said Thursday he was hoping to hold a rally over the weekend in Florida and potentially Pennsylvania, but questions remain a week after he publicly announced his coronavirus diagnosis. Aired on 10/09/2020

‘Unspeakable’: Mary Trump Slams Uncle Donald For COVID Deaths | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


Oct 8, 2020

Mary Trump speaks to MSNBC’s Ari Melber about her uncle, Pres. Donald Trump, breaking his own guidelines and risking other people’s lives – and candidly criticizes his longstanding difficulty “processing information,” caring about others even in his own family, or telling the truth. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. http://www.thebeatwithari.com). Aired on 10/08/2020

Economic Update: Capitalism’s Anxiety About the State

Democracy At Work

Oct 5, 2020

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On this week’s show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on how capitalism gets in the way of fighting Covid-19, systemic racism and Covid-19, why Europe did not allow the mass unemployment imposed on the US, and Wells Fargo CEO’s fake excuse for lack of diversity among bankers. In the second half of the show, Wolff explores why capitalism fears the modern state and how it controls that state.

Learn more about Prof Wolff’s new book, “The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself” released in September 2020. Available as a paperback now!

“Richard Wolff in his new book examines frightening and anti-democratic configurations of corporate power, offering not only a blueprint for how we got here, but a plan for how we will rescue ourselves and create new models of economic and political justice.” – Chris Hedges

Check out Prof. Wolff’s other books “Understanding Socialism” and “Understanding Marxism”

Chris Hedges Check out Prof. Wolff’s other books “Understanding Socialism” and “Understanding Marxism” http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/democra…

Steve Schmidt: Trump Is ‘The Worst President The Country’s Ever Had’ | Deadlin e | MSNBC


Oct 8, 2020

Founder of The Lincoln Project, Steve Schmidt, argues that the President’s own careless actions are the reason Joe Biden is so far ahead in the polls. Aired on 10/08/2020

Islington Tree Protest | BBC London News | Extinction Rebellion UK

Extinction Rebellion

Oct 7, 2020

XR Islington joins local campaigners in last bid to save mature trees from being cut down (7 October 2020)

In this report the BBC visits our newly-established tree protection site to speak to local residents who are highlighting the council’s inadequate response to declaring a climate & ecological emergency.

Channel 4 News | 1 September 2020 | Extinction Rebellion UK

Extinction Rebellion

Sep 1, 2020

We Want To Live | UK Rebellion | 1 September 2020 https://rebellion.earth/uk-rebellion-…

LIVE: National day of action against HS2

Extinction Rebellion

Streamed live 2 hours ago

Extinction Rebellion will be rising up to hold our Prime Minister to his own words.

At the recent UN Biodiversity Summit (where he signed the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature, which includes a green recovery following the coronavirus pandemic) he said himself:

“Extinction is forever – so our action must be immediate”

HS2 (as the largest deforestation project in Europe, and daily destroyer of biodiversity) will be the target for this action, because its continuation shows that our government is not serious and these words are empty.

Today’s actions are taking place at several locations including Colne Valley (Buckinghamshire), Cubbington (Warwickshire) Lichfield (Staffodshire) and Euston (London).

Nobel Peace Prize: U.N. World Food Program Wins 2020 Award – The New York Times

The Nobel committee said the U.N. agency’s work to address hunger had laid the foundations for peace in nations ravaged by war.

By Megan Specia Oct. 9, 2020Updated 8:24 a.m. ET

The World Food Program was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for its efforts to combat a surge in global hunger amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has swept around the world with devastating impact.

The Nobel committee said that work by the organization, a United Nations agency, to address hunger had laid the foundations for peace in nations ravaged by war.

“In the face of the pandemic, the World Food Program has demonstrated an impressive ability to intensify its efforts,” Berit Reiss-Andersen, the chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said as she announced the prize in Oslo. “The combination of violent conflict and the pandemic has led to a dramatic rise in the number of people living on the brink of starvation,” she added.

In many nations, particularly those at war, the combination of conflict and the pandemic has sharply increased the number of people on the brink of starvation. As the global fallout from the pandemic began this spring, the World Food Program estimated that the number of people experiencing life-threatening levels of food insecurity could more than double this year, to 265 million.

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