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Donald Trump to stay at military hospital for next few days: White House

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Published on Oct 3, 2020

Donald #Trump will stay at a military hospital for the next few days after testing positive for COVID-19. White House physician Sean Conley said Trump “remains fatigued but in good spirits.”

Sir David Attenborough explains what he thinks needs to happen to save the planet – 60 Minutes – CBS News

For nearly 70 years Sir David Attenboroughhas been exploring the planet, taking hundreds of millions of television viewers on eye-opening journeys through the natural world. Jungles and island archipelagos, deserts and deep under the sea, no place has been too remote, no animal too elusive, for Sir David and his talented team of filmmakers to document. The man known as a national treasure in his native Britain, is 94 years old now, but age and the pandemic haven’t slowed him down, he’s coming out with a new book and a remarkable and stunning new film, “A Life On Our Planet,” which premieres on Netflix next week. They are, what he calls, a witness statement, a firsthand account of what he has seen happen to the planet and a dire warning of what he believes awaits us if we don’t act quickly to save it.

Sir David Attenborough in “A Life on our Planet”: The living world is a unique and spectacular marvel….