Why Trump’s new coronavirus task force adviser is “wrong, foolish and dangerous”

Democracy Now!

Published on Sep 1, 2020

One of Trump’s top medical advisers is pushing for the country to adopt a controversial “herd immunity” strategy, raising alarm among public health officials as the Trump administration continues to loosen coronavirus restrictions. Dr. Scott Atlas, who became a pandemic adviser in August and allegedly meets with Trump on a daily basis, was brought on because he is “more in line with what the president wants to do and wants to hear on the pandemic” with his calls for schools to reopen and for a strategy that allows the coronavirus to spread through most of the U.S. population, says Washington Post reporter Yasmeen Abutaleb. Yale epidemiologist Gregg Gonsalves says Atlas’s proposals are “entirely risky,” particularly for people with underlying conditions in the U.S., and a vaccine is an essential part of controlling the coronavirus. “Dr. Atlas’s comments are so far from the mainstream of thinking in public health and clinical medicine on infectious diseases, it’s astounding,” Gonsalves says. “He’s not contrarian. He’s just simply wrong, foolish and dangerous.”

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