Climate One TV: COVID19 Food Implications and Billion Dollar Burger

Climate One

Sep 2, 2020

Will COVID-19 change our food system for good? Increased coronavirus outbreaks in food markets, food plants, and farm worker communities have impacted food access and put a spotlight on food insecurity. Farmers are hurting as supply chains for fresh, perishable foods shrivel. Meanwhile, food banks have seen a surge in demand that has required distribution support from the National Guard.

What does COVID-19 mean for agriculture, our food supply systems — and our diets? Join us with Lisa Held, senior reporter at Civil Eats, Karen Ross, secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and Helene York, professor at the Food Business School of the Culinary Institute of America, for a conversation on feeding a nation under quarantine.

And in part 2 of the show Billion Dollar burgers, plant based meat products replacing traditional meats?

Long before the coronavirus began disrupting America’s trillion-dollar meat industry, lab-grown proteins were upending the way we consume chicken, pork, and beef. With an environmental footprint far smaller than traditional animal agriculture, are cell-cultured and plant-based meat products — now on the menus of major chains like Burger King — still the future of food? Will food science and tech help us make better-informed decisions for our bodies and the planet, or do we need to get back to basics?

Join us for a conversation on the future of food with Sophie Egan, author of How to Be a Conscious Eater: Making Food Choices That Are Good for You, Others, and the Planet, and Chase Purdy, author of Billion Dollar Burger: Inside Big Tech’s Race for the Future of Food.

Inside Big Tech’s Race for the Future of Food. #letstalkclimate
1:36 New Farming Business Model
7:47 Food Services
10:55 How Covid19 affected the food system
13:15 A shift to a plant based diet
14:13 The future of protein
18:20 How is cultured meat made?
24:02 Is Lab Meat less harmful to the environment than a cow?

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