Stephen Miller: The white nationalist driving Trump’s immigration policies

Democracy Now!

Published on Aug 29, 2020

Republicans held a televised naturalization ceremony at this week’s RNC featuring president Trump congratulating a group of five new citizens. Journalist Jean Guerrero says it was an attempt to create a “false dichotomy between legal and illegal immigration,” meant to signal that the Trump administration supports this “legal” immigration. But Guerrero points out that many of the administration’s immigration policies, led by top advisor Stephen Miller, have been aimed at dismantling many of those legal pathways — including, most consequentially, asylum protections for refugee families at the border. “Stephen Miller primarily has been targeting families,” says Guerrero. “This is not about national security. This is not about keeping out criminals. This is about reengineering the ethnic flows into this country to keep Brown and Black families out.” In her new book, “Hatemonger,” Guerrero shows that Stephen Miller pulls directly from eugenicist and white supremacist playbooks in crafting immigration policy.

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