Rote Adler an Afrikas Küste: Die brandenburgisch-preussische Kolonie Grossfriedrichsburg an der westafrikanischen Küste by Ulrich Van Der Heyden: (1993)

Gross-Friedrichsburg, the Brandenburgian, later Prussian fort on the coast of Ghana in West Africa was built by the Grand Elector Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg.

Under the reign of the Elector Friedrich-Wilhelm von Brandenburg (1640 – 1688), an “African Company,” was founded.  It built a fort on the Gold Coast known as Gross-Friedrichsburg initially under Brandenburgian and later Prussian control.  This company for about forty years ruled from several African forts at: Arguin, Takrama, Takoradi, Akwida (Ft. Dorothea), Whydah and specifically Gross-Friedrichsburg at Princestown (or Princess Town or Poquefoe).


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The story of the fort and of the Brandenburgian colonial adventure is told by Ulrich van der Heyden in his book:   Rote Adler an Afrikas Küste: Die brandenburgisch-preußische Kolonie Großfriedrichsburg in Westafrika.

This volume was published initially in 1993 and republished in a 2nd revised edition in May 2001 by Selignow publishers.

The fort of Gross-Friedrichsburg is today part of the World’s Cultural Heritage.
It is preserved by, among others, the “Brandenburg – Princess Town – Eine Welt e.V.” association.

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