Harvard Map Collection | Harvard Library

Our Mission

With experts in spatial analysis, map-making, and historical analysis, we want to help you make the most of the over 500,000 maps and terabytes of data at the Harvard Map Collection. Whether you are analyzing the spatial dimensions of health, making a map about demographics, or tracing changing borders on old maps, we want to find ways to support your work and collaborate on innovative research and teaching.

We collect maps and geospatial data from all time periods and all places in all languages. We are particularly interested in acquiring maps and objects that document how people have used and continue to use maps, whether it be in maps, cartographers’ drafts and journals, artists’ books, or ephemera. We seek out data that helps answer questions about the natural world and the people in it such as census data, population data, and climate information. Then we help analyze that data and bring out new geospatial insights.

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