Suppressed 2020: The Fight To Vote (Voter Suppression Is Happening Again) • BRAVE NEW FILMS (BNF)

Brave New Films

Published on Aug 12, 2020

Will it happen again in November?

We are witnessing #VoterSuppression tactics disenfranchise voters.

These attacks on voting rights have evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s discrediting Vote By Mail, Poll Closures, Voter Purges, or Delayed Registrations, the end goal of #VoterSuppression is to silence your right to vote.

In 2018 Brian Kemp successfully suppressed hundreds of thousands of votes to become the governor of Georgia, beating out Stacey Abrams. Suppressed: The #FightToVote uncovers the insidious voter suppression tactics Kemp and politicians all across the country use to stay in power.

From poll closures to voter purges, these voter suppression tactics targeted majority African-American communities. That’s what racism looks like. Our basic rights are at stake, and in 2020 and beyond we need to #FightToVote. Share this film with your family and friends. Help us get to 2,020 screenings before the 2020 election by signing up for a home watch party, or to host a screening in your community, school, or faith community.

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