WATCH: Former President Bill Clinton’s full tribute during John Lewis funeral

PBS NewsHour

Jul 30, 2020
Former President Bill Clinton remembered the late Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis on July 30 at his funeral in Atlanta. Clinton remembered first meeting Lewis in the 1970s, and said his “mission was bigger than personal ambition.” He said that that Lewis kept moving forward in his activism even when he was threatened with violence in his fight for civil rights in America.

“John Lewis was many things, but he was a man,” said Clinton. “A friend in sunshine and storm, a friend who would walk the stony roads that he asked you to walk, a friend that would brave the chastening rod that he asked you to be whipped by. Always keeping his eyes on the prize, always believing none of us will be free until all of us are equal.” Clinton said the New York Times op-Ed Lewis wrote before he died, which was published on July 30, was akin to “marching orders” from the late congressman. In his memory, Clinton suggested that “we salute, suit up, and march on.”

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