U.S. racial equality through the eyes of an Afro-Latina

To explore the Afro-Latino identity, you first need to understand what this term means.

It’s a term with a complicated history and roots in social activism, that has helped people create safe spaces for themselves within their communities.

Solsiree del Moral, a professor of Black, American, Latinx and Latin American Studies at Amherst College, breaks down the significance of the Afro-Latino identity, its origins, and its role within Black Lives Matter.

The history of Latin America is violent – steeped in war, revolution, and U.S. invasions.

Long story short, it’s complicated. But there is no denying that armed conflict and racism have influenced the region’s immigration patterns, its politics, and societal norms.

As we continue to explore the Afro-Latino identity, let’s start with a couple of questions.

Who are Afro-Latinos? And how did we get here?

To find some answers, let’s explore our origins – and how they have contributed to modern day anti-Blackness.

…(read more).

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