Webinar: Risks of Genetically Engineered (GE/GMO) Mosquitoes


Published on Jul 14, 2020

Despite public outcry and scientific discrepancy, the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District is currently (as of July 2020) considering approving genetically engineered (GE) mosquitoes for environmental release in Monroe County, Florida, and Harris County, Texas. If approved, this would be the first GE mosquito allowed by regulators for release and would result in the release of 52 million mosquitoes per week.

Watch this webinar co-hosted by the Center for Food Safety and Friends of the Earth U.S. and featuring independent experts to learn more about GE mosquitoes, including the environmental and public health risks, and Oxitec’s history of attempted releases.The webinar took place on July 13, 2020, via zoom.


Professor Jeffrey Powell, Yale University Dr. Helen Wallace, GeneWatch UK Dr. John Norris, MD, Lower Keys Medical Center Ed Russo, Florida Keys Environmental Coalition

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