The Arctic Is Literally on Fire | NowThis

NowThis News

Published on Jul 11, 2020

The Arctic (yes, the one that’s supposed to be frozen) is literally on fire.

In climate news and current events today, the global climate crisis, also known as global climate change, has caused unprecedented global warming across the Earth. Nowhere is this more evident that in the frozen Arctic, which is suffering a catastrophic Arctic heat wave 2020 and Siberia heat wave 2020 that has resulted in Arctic fires and Siberia fires in formerly frozen environments. The record Arctic temperatures and Siberia temperatures have skyrocketed to over 100 degrees Farenheit, previously unthinkable for a record Arctic temperature and Siberan temperature. As the Arctic fire and Sibera fire continues to rage, we much act quickly to reduce emission and end the global climate crisis before these fires continue to pollute the air and change the face of the planet.

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