Yanis Varoufakis on postcapitalism: Another Now #9 | DiEM25 TV


Tonight, it’s just Yanis Varoufakis, talking about post-capitalism, his new book, and answering your burning questions. The coronavirus crisis is revealing that the powers that be of the European Union have learned nothing from the Eurocrisis.

They are currently betraying the interests of the majority of Europeans in the same way that they have done so in 2010 — by failing to mobilize existing money and public financial instruments in the interests of the many.

With their current decisions, they are jeopardizing public health, public goods and the interests of Europeans. Every day at 20:00 CEST switch on the television from the future! We call it TV because we like retro-futurism.

But it’s much more than TV. In times of global pandemics, DiEM25 is launching a special online and completely free program to understand the current crisis and offer tools and hope to get out of it stronger and more united in building the World After Coronavirus. Everyone will be able to join and pose questions, suggest next topics and next guests!

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