Africa & Major Disease Outbreaks – Research at Boston University

This resources guide is intended to guide users to interdisciplinary research on disease outbreaks or on communicable disease challenges in Africa. It directs users to some current COVID-19 resources, but recognizes that there is much value to be gained by examining the broader public health landscape of African nations as well as past outbreaks of diseases.

From recorded time to present, the African continent has been dealing with outbreaks and diseases which were responsible for deaths of millions of its inhabitants or devastating impact on the economies of African countries. Some of these outbreaks and health challenges such as malaria, ebola, cholera and measles etc..are still occurring.and continue to threaten public health security in Africa. On the bright side, the experience of dealing with epidemics in its recent past, gives the continent significant advantage through community mobilization and the lessons learned in controlling and containing viruses such as Ebola can inform the fight against this novel coronavirus.

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