Bridging the Virtual Gap: Scott Clavenna on Building a New Media Company for Climate Solutions on Vimeo

Most recently, Scott Clavenna served as Chairman of Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables, where he contributed to the strategic guidance of Wood Mackenzie’s work in the global energy transition. Prior to Wood Mackenzie, Mr. Clavenna was the co-founder and CEO of Greentech Media and helped develop it into the leading source of integrated news, industry research, conferences and executive councils in the clean energy economy. Greentech Media was acquired by Wood Mackenzie in 2016 and in the subsequent 4 years achieved all the goals of the acquisition while expanding its reach and breadth through its integration with acquired organizations and Wood Mackenzie’s power markets and energy transition groups. Prior to Greentech Media, Mr. Clavenna was a market analyst in the broadband telecommunications industry in various media and research organizations.

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