How E.O. Wilson Can Simplify Complex Scientific Concepts: a Discussion with Dennis Liu


May 31, 2020

With Rachel Anne: Host, Mickey Hart Book Club

[E.O. Wilson] has a way of framing big complex ideas and bringing them down to the rest of us where we can understand them. How does he do that?

“One of things that is remarkable about Ed is his thinking is obviously of the highest quality and he has the science chops. He’s walked the talk. And yet he is absolutely unusual among scientists. Many scientists write books but he has this ability to write poetically about things.”

“What I’m struck by is Ed is obviously someone of a certain generation he writes plainly but in a somewhat learned tone and yet I find that young people and all sorts of people really respond to that. So his writing it feels like an invitation to come in and think about things. He has a really good way of presenting his understanding first and then backing in a little so that you can follow his thinking.”

The Importance of Biodiversity: a Discussion with Dennis Liu

With Rachel Anne: Host, Mickey Hart Book Club

Tell us about the importance of understanding biodiversity.

“There’s a pure joy in understanding biodiversity. I have to say that’s what drew me into science in the first place is that drive to try and understand how things work. And the more you learn, the more questions you have, the more answers you get, the more delightful it gets.

“If like Ed you’re trying to understand all of biodiversity, how does it all work, it’s such an enormous complex problem and it’s a great time to be trying to understand it, at the same time we’re concerned about its erosion, and about losing it.”

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