Beyond the Balcony: Organising for European Solidarity in the Benelux countries


Streamed live on May 20, 2020

We are launching a series of calls to help us reinforce a coordinated DiEM25 narrative about where Europe and its nations are right now politically, economically, socially, and our movement’s role is in these historic times.

All calls will be conducted as teleconferences, with coordinators (NCs, EWs or DSCs where the former do not exist) as panellists, and all other DiEMers as participants (with the right to ask questions, but not participate in the discussion). Participants can also come from other countries. The duration of the calls will be 2 hours each.

From the side of the CC, in each call, there will be 4 members participating, two men (Yanis being one) and two women. One of the four will also be the moderator of the discussion, taking questions from the observers and facilitating the discussion among the “panellists”.

All interventions from panellists must not exceed two minutes, so as to allow everyone the same space to express themselves.

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