Advice for Young Scholars….[ interview excerpt – VOX Oxford]


What can we do to change the way we understand and behave in the world?

It is now clear that a radical change in our collective behavior will be necessary if we are going to survive for very much longer as an organized civilization.  From an ecosystemic point of view all of our current leadership has been educated and trained to pursue sectoral growth and competitive institutional advancement.  This will not work — cannot work — for much longer.  We need collectively to move to a realization that systemic stability is our only legitimate goal as a species.

As human history has sadly demonstrated we are the “great disrupter” species in a delicately balanced ecosystem which took billions of years to evolve on the only life-supporting “blue planet” in the known universe. We cannot survive for more than nano-seconds anywhere else in the universe without carefully mimicking what functions naturally on Earth in mechanical contraptions that cannot last for long before they crash.

The advice to young scholars is for them each to thoroughly re-think their own education. The paradigms they have been taught to follow are all fatally flawed because they are irreducibly anthropocentric.

It was these paradigms that led to the arrogance and ignorance of humans arriving at the illusory conclusion that they could control a functioning ecosystem for their own optimal benefit. Can’t happen. Won’t happen. No known ecosystem has ever persisted for very long for the primary benefit of one of its constituent species. We will be no exception to this basic law of functioning ecosystems. No organism or population can outlive its life-support system. We will be no exception to this cosmic pattern, no matter how much we will it to be otherwise.

We need all to re-think our educational systems to reflect these simple truths.

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