A Regenerative Secret – Kiss The Ground

Kiss The Ground

Published on Oct 24, 2018

“A Regenerative Secret” is a powerful mini-documentary that breaks the thinking that cows are the problem. Contrasting the catastrophe of the current cattle industry with the hopeful and inspiring paradigm of Regenerative Ranching. This emerging form of ranching is not only restoring ecosystems but also reversing global warming, restoring watersheds and helping ranchers across the world become more prosperous. https://kisstheground.com/regenerativ…

Presented by Kiss the Ground Produced and created by Finian Makepeace A film by Ben Cowan & Taliesin Black-Brown, Zephyr Visuals Starring Dr. Allen Williams and Finian Makepeace Made possible by Joyce Farms, Savory Institute, and Belcampo Meat Co. Special thanks to Belcampo Farms (Gazelle, CA), Dharma Lea (Sharon Springs, NY), Freestone Ranch (Valley Ford, CA)

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