Naomi Klein: COVID-19 shows “for-profit medicine does not make any kind of sense”

Democracy Now!

May 13, 2020

If a COVID-19 vaccine is developed in the U.S., will it be made available to everyone regardless of income? Naomi Klein says the question demonstrates how “for-profit medicine does not make any kind of sense.” The senior Intercept reporter uses the disastrous rollout of COVID-19 antibody tests as a recent indicator of what could come of a healthcare industry that views the pandemic as a money-making bonanza. “We saw something absolutely absurd happen within the Trump administration, where they decided that in order to expedite the rollout of antibody tests, they would not regulate it at all, just create a kind of free-for-all,” says Klein. “The market was flooded with garbage antibody tests. Lo and behold … regulation actually matters. So now people don’t know whether they can trust these tests at all, and we are once again losing valuable time.”

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