Permaculture Action Network


Permaculture Action Network is a continent-wide organization that mobilizes thousands of people to take action on regenerative projects.

We partner with performing artists, cultural events, and a diversity of grassroots groups working toward collective liberation to create days of action and educational spaces in which people regenerate ecosystems and catalyze the movement for a just transition.

Permaculture Action Days are one-day events in which we mobilize people from a concert or cultural event to a day of hands-on action creating regenerative systems and common spaces in our own cities and communities.

Hundreds of people at a time have come out to Permaculture Action Days following concerts and other events to build urban farms, community gardens, public food forests, natural buildings, rainwater catchment systems, greenhouses, and other productive systems in 65 cities across the continent.

These days of community action are always free and host workshops, music, education on sustainability, and shared food alongside hands-on projects.



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