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EAT Webinar


The Center for Ecolonomic Excellence and Development (CEED) is the branding for a growing group of companies, entrepreneurs and projects that are “Teaching People to Make Some Money Making the Planet Better”.

We have for-profit and not-for-profit programs and projects and we firmly believe that the only way we can have a better tomorrow for the next generations is to work with a collaborative team attitude to be regenerative, restorative and ecolonomic.

We help entrepreneurs build their businesses through consulting, advising, coaching, mentoring and even funding. We try to charge minimal fees and take risk alongside our partners whenever possible.

Join us in this effort in whatever way you can! Visit Ecolonomic Action Team and
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Community Learning for ME


This site is a volunteer driven, grassroots effort designed in community for community as a resource to support parents and teachers while school is not in session due to COVID-19. Rural Aspirations is working with various community organizations and businesses, as well as school leaders to identify areas of need, and develop a comprehensive resource to support learning from home. Our intention is to provide parents and teachers with resources, supports and networking opportunities to support students in this difficult time.

Organizations | Learning for ME

Maine Organizations

Many of you are re-thinking the services you provide in light of school closures due to COVID-19.  Please consider working with us to create a unified resource for teachers and parents that highlights Maine’s amazing educational organizations and resources, while also providing dynamic virtual learning opportunities in the wake of this unprecedented social distancing.  This is a chance for us to connect with teachers and parents in a way that may be new to many of us.  Share your experiences, learn how to adapt to a virtual platform and reach out to support student learning!


Online Learning for Ecology, Sustainability, and the Environment


Making Some Money Making the Planet Better

About Us

The Institute of Ecolonomics (IOE) is a non-profit 501c3 entity providing business development services to entrepreneurs with ideas, technologies, and inventions that when implemented will make the planet better while generating a sustainable profit.

Our mission is to demonstrate that creating a symbiotic relationship between a strong economy and a healthy ecology is the only formula for a sustainable future.

Our newest educational program is called the Ecolonomic Action Team (EAT). Like minded entrepreneurs have come together to share their knowledge and experience with each other on how to make the planet a better place. IOE partners show, teach, mentor and network with all those wishing to make a living while making the planet a better place.

Our team is coaching, mentoring, and networking almost every day of the week. Thousands of people are signed up and using our resources to start entrepreneurial projects around the world.

Mountain Sky Ranch, in Berthoud CO, is our headquarters where we live, teach and unite like-minded individuals to make the world a better place. Learn more about how Mountain Sky Ranch keeps sustainability in business here.

Our founder Dennis Weaver used to say in his cowboy sort of way – “We’ve spent billions of dollars and thousands of years messin’ the planet up, now we need to show people how to make it better and make a little money too.”

We support people who support the planet.

Where Did Viruses Come From?

PBS Eons

Jun 12, 2018

Viewers like you help make PBS (Thank you ) . Support your local PBS Member Station here: https://to.pbs.org/DonateEONS Try CuriosityStream today: http://curiositystream.com/eons There are fossils of viruses, of sorts, preserved in the DNA of the hosts that they’ve infected. Including you. This molecular fossil trail can help us understand where viruses came from, how they evolved and it can even help us tackle the biggest question of all: Are viruses alive? Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios: http://youtube.com/pbsdigitalstudios

How To Treat Mild Coronavirus Symptoms From Home

Science Insider

Apr 10, 2020

While one early study found that 80% of confirmed COVID-19 cases are considered mild, the definition of “mild” can include a range of symptoms and still be painful, even if they don’t require hospitalization. According to Dr. Rishi Desai, the chief medical officer at Osmosis, there are some ways you can mitigate your mild coronavirus symptoms from home.

What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOJqH…
What Could Be The Fastest Way To End The Coronavirus Crisis? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXW9c…
How Coronavirus Affects People With Diabetes, Cancer, And Other Conditions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8Avz…

The Queen’s Coronavirus broadcast: ‘We will meet again’ – BBC


Streamed live on Apr 5, 2020

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II delivers a special broadcast to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in relation to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Queen has promised the nation that better days are ahead, during a special address on Sunday.

In a rare speech, she acknowledged the grief and financial hardships Britons are facing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Echoing the words of the Vera Lynn wartime song, she said that “we will meet again”.

An Address by Her Majesty The Queen – Coronavirus – BBC

Bringing us closer: A message from all of us, to all of you. Together we’ll get through – BBC


Apr 10, 2020

Permaculture Action Network


Permaculture Action Network is a continent-wide organization that mobilizes thousands of people to take action on regenerative projects.

We partner with performing artists, cultural events, and a diversity of grassroots groups working toward collective liberation to create days of action and educational spaces in which people regenerate ecosystems and catalyze the movement for a just transition.

Permaculture Action Days are one-day events in which we mobilize people from a concert or cultural event to a day of hands-on action creating regenerative systems and common spaces in our own cities and communities.

Hundreds of people at a time have come out to Permaculture Action Days following concerts and other events to build urban farms, community gardens, public food forests, natural buildings, rainwater catchment systems, greenhouses, and other productive systems in 65 cities across the continent.

These days of community action are always free and host workshops, music, education on sustainability, and shared food alongside hands-on projects.




Coral Vita restores threatened reefs by growing resilient corals
and transplanting them into degraded sites.



The Northeast Earth Coalition


The Northeast Earth Coalition, Inc, (NEEC) works at the community level to protect the environment and promote local sustainability and  food security.

The NEEC supports the work of community and environmental activists who give hope for a better future.

To accomplish this, we seek to bring together diverse environmental organizations in the Northeast to share ideas, identify common interests, and provide mutual support in building communities that are sustainable in terms of food production, energy, transportation, and preservation of the natural environment.

We support small family farms, urban farming projects, community vegetable gardens, and backyard food production We believe in promoting a healthier society through education about and appreciation of local fresh, sustainably raised produce and products.

We promote energy conservation and integration of renewable, sustainable energy into local communities through advising local organizations and individuals, demanding better energy policies, and participating in local energy projects.

We support the promotion of sustainable eco-friendly transportation, including biking, walking, and the development of accessible, reliable, and affordable public transportation.

We envision a region where people can coexist and prosper in harmony with their environment. To this end, we promote the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.