Atmospheric Sciences Webinar Series Part 4 of 8: From the Past Into the Future


Apr 9, 2020

To celebrate past accomplishments and highlight future challenges at the Fall 2019 meeting, the Atmospheric Sciences Section hosted an all-day session of oral presentations by a diverse group of invited speakers – both established and emerging leaders in the field – and all excellent communicators. Topics included ozone depletion and recovery, weather and climate prediction, detection and attribution of climate change, and extreme events, among others. The webinar series will repeat each Tuesday (3 March to 21 April). Each session will feature two speakers (25-minute talks + 5 minutes for questions), and last from 12-1 PM EST. The 24 March webinar, Part 4 of 8, features presenters Susan C van den Heever (Past Achievements and Future Challenges in Understanding, Observing and Modeling Cloud Processes) and Sonia I Seneviratne (Weather and Climate Extremes).

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