Introduction to the BU African Studies/Afriterra “Mapping Africa” Workshop

Led by Elsa Wiehe, Tim Weiskel, Gerald Rizzo and Lucia Lovison-Golob, this unique workshop will present tools and tips to assist inquiry and help teachers and their students to gain online access to high-resolution digital images of rare, original historical maps as primary sources. The focus will be upon European imperial powers in Africa from the 16th to the 19th centuries. A visit to the Afriterra map archive to consult the original maps themselves is included as part of the workshop.

Take the opportunity to explore individual components of the workshop before it meets formally.

For more details see:

Mapping Africa: Using Original Maps to Navigate Africa’s Imperial History

You can explore the different components of the “Mapping Africa” workshop individually.

For example, you can learn about the features of the Boston University African Studies Outreach Program at:

You can explore the Afriterra Online Africa Map Library at:

and you can learn of the activities of the “Africa Map Circle” at:

See related:

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