Frank Melli

Published on May 23, 2019

CRIMES AGAINST THE FUTURE Hosted by award-winning journalist Karl Grossman, “Crimes Against The Future” features Bianca Jagger, David Suzuki, Randy Hayes and others who put into perspective the crimes that are being committed against future generations environmentally and in regard to human rights. The documentary is directed by award-winner Frank Melli. Hunter Lovins provides a wealth of solutions to lead humanity back to a life-affirming path. Also in the documentary include Dr. Michio Kaku, Dr. Helen Caldicott, France’s former Minister of the Environment Bryce Lalonde, and Barbara Pyle. As Pyle puts it: “It’s a moral imperative.” (Featuring music from award winning Ze Luis.) Produced by Anderson Ozello and associate producer Meghan Zimbler. Edited by Ozello and Melli.

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