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Capitalism’s failures exposed by the Coronavirus – Richard Wolff

Democracy At Work

Mar 24, 2020

“This is a collection [of uninsured,
underinsured, undocumented immigrants] that amounts to at least half of the population, so managed in our medical profit system that they are colluding with this epidemic. They don’t want to, but the system forces it on them.”

COVID-19 Frontline Ep. 12: African countries face more difficulties

Mar 25, 2020

As the war against the coronavirus intensifies around the world, CGTN Think Tank invites experts and scholars from China, Malaysia, Algeria, Norway, and Portugal to talk about the global battle against COVID-19 pandemic. An expert from Algeria expressed his concern about the epidemic in African countries. With less resources and a poorer healthcare system, many countries in Africa may face more difficulties.

U.S. Becoming Global Epicenter of Pandemic, as India Orders Lockdown for 1.3 Billion People

Mar 25, 2020

In Geneva, the World Health Organization warned Tuesday the United States is becoming the next epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, with over 12% of the world’s 435,000 documented cases — though the true number of infections both in the U.S. and worldwide is certain to be far higher. Across Africa, finance ministers are demanding the International Monetary Fund and World Bank suspend debt payments to free up $44 billion in funds to fight the pandemic. In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered the entire nation of 1.3 billion people to remain at home for the next three weeks.

COVID-19 Deaths Accelerating Across Europe as Prince Charles Tests Positive

Mar 25, 2020

Italy recorded another 743 deaths over a 24-hour period, reversing a trend that saw daily deaths decline slightly. Over 6,800 people have died from COVID-19 in Italy.

France reported its nationwide death toll has topped 1,000, as a top medical official warned the true toll is probably higher, with those dying at home or in retirement homes left uncounted.

Spain has recorded over 3,400 deaths among some 47,600 COVID-19 infections. Among suspected cases is Baltasar Garzón, the 64-year-old jurist who’s defended WikiLeaks’s Julian Assange and in 1998 ordered the arrest of Chilean ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet on torture and genocide charges. Garzón is currently hospitalized with respiratory failure that’s believed to be due to the virus. (Click here to watch a 2011 interview with Judge Baltasar Garzón.)

The British government is calling for a quarter-million volunteers to help battle the pandemic, as authorities in London began converting the ExCeL exhibition center into a field hospital where as many as 4,000 people will be treated. Among the infected is Prince Charles, the 71-year-old heir to the British throne, who is reportedly self-isolating with mild COVID-19 symptoms.

Defying Medical Advice, Trump Calls for Return to Normal and “Packed Churches ” on Easter Sunday

Mar 25, 2020

As U.S. coronavirus cases continued to grow on an exponential curve Tuesday — with the number of known cases topping 54,000 — President Donald Trump said he hoped to reopen the U.S. economy and end restrictions aimed at slowing the spread by Easter Sunday — less than three weeks from now.

President Donald Trump: “So, I think Easter Sunday, and you’ll have packed churches all over our country. I think it would be a beautiful time.”

Trump’s Easter Sunday deadline defies the advice of all of his medical advisers. In Virginia, Christian evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. defied calls for the closure of Liberty University, where he serves as president, welcoming thousands of students back from spring break and ordering faculty members to report to campus. Falwell is one of President Trump’s most prominent supporters.

In Florida, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis asked people over 65 and anyone who has traveled from New York state over the last three weeks to self-isolate for 14 days. Governor DeSantis has not ordered a statewide lockdown, and some Florida beaches remain open.

US Says Ready to Work With China on Coronavirus

VOA News

Mar 25, 2020

In an unprecedented videoconference of G-7 foreign ministers, global leaders are pledging to work together to battle the coronavirus outbreak.  The United States says it is ready to work with China to end the global pandemic and restore the world economy.  But as VOA’s State Department correspondent Nike Ching reports, some analysts are skeptical about the ability of both countries to cooperate to fight the global pandemic. Originally published at – https://morigin.voanews.eu/a/5346075….

True Colors – Camden Voices (virtual choir cover)

Camden Voices

Published on Mar 22, 2020

In a time of physical isolation, we believe more than ever in creating new ways to stay in touch and keep doing the things we love. So, with that in mind, here is our first ever virtual performance of the gorgeous True Colours, recorded straight from our own homes. We hope it brings some happiness and calm in these crazy times 💛

When coronavirus hit the UK, our rehearsals, concerts and tours were cancelled- and, like everyone, we were each stuck in isolation at home. Many of our choir members had travelled back to their home countries to be with family and loved ones. After the initial shock, we became determined to refocus our energy and create something positive and inspirational for each other and our community.

This video shows what can happen when we work together, and how we can overcome obstacles with technology and our imagination. It is 28 individual videos, submitted from all over the world, combined into one- a truly international collaboration that shows the power of music in our lives.

Thanks for watching- please give this video a thumbs up, leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe for new videos 🎥⭐🎶

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13 Deaths in a Day: An ‘Apocalyptic’ Coronavirus Surge at an N.Y.C. Hospital – The New York Times

Hospitals in the city are facing the kind of harrowing increases in cases that overwhelmed health care systems in China and Italy.

By Michael Rothfeld, Somini Sengupta, Joseph Goldstein and Brian M. Rosenthal

  • March 25, 2020Updated 7:59 p.m. ET

In several hours on Tuesday, Dr. Ashley Bray performed chest compressions at Elmhurst Hospital Center on a woman in her 80s, a man in his 60s and a 38-year-old who reminded the doctor of her fiancé. All had tested positive for the coronavirus and had gone into cardiac arrest. All eventually died.

Elmhurst, a 545-bed public hospital in Queens, has begun transferring patients not suffering from coronavirus to other facilities as it moves toward becoming one dedicated entirely to the outbreak. Doctors and nurses have struggled to make do with a few dozen ventilators. Calls over a loudspeaker of “Team 700,” the code for when a patient is on the verge of death, come several times a shift. Some have died inside the emergency room while waiting for a bed.

A refrigerated truck has been stationed outside to hold the bodies of the dead. Over the past 24 hours, New York City’s public hospital system said in a statement, 13 people at Elmhurst had died.

“It’s apocalyptic,” said Dr. Bray, 27, a general medicine resident at the hospital.

Across the city, which has become the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, hospitals are beginning to confront the kind of harrowing surge in cases that has overwhelmed health care systems in China, Italy and other countries. On Wednesday morning, New York City reported 16,788 confirmed cases and 199 deaths.

…(read more).

The System: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It with Robert Reich

Robert Reich

Mar 24, 2020
Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich presents the reader’s digest of his latest book, The System: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It. He explores the system of power in America that bails out corporations instead of people, even in times of crisis, and breaks down how we have socialism for corporations and the rich, and harsh capitalism for everybody else.

As power has concentrated in the hands of corporations and the wealthy few, those few have grabbed nearly all the economic gains — and political power — for themselves.

Meanwhile, workers have been shafted.

This isn’t a democracy, where all power is shared. It’s an oligarchy, where those at the top have the power to grab everything for themselves.

But history shows that oligarchies cannot hold on to power forever. They are inherently unstable. When a vast majority of people come to view an oligarchy as illegitimate and an obstacle to their wellbeing — which is happening before our very eyes as this crisis exacerbates — oligarchies become vulnerable.

Order Reich’s new book today: https://tinyurl.com/rbreichthesystem

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The System: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It: Robert B. Reich

From the best-selling author of Saving Capitalism and The Common Good, an urgent analysis of how the “rigged” systems of American politics and power operate, how this status quo came to be, and how average citizens can enact change.

Millions of Americans have lost confidence in our political and economic system. After years of stagnant wages, volatile job markets, and an unwillingness by those in power to deal with profound threats such as climate change, there is a mounting sense that the system is fixed, serving only those select few with enough money to secure a controlling stake. With the characteristic clarity and passion that has made him a central civil voice, Robert B. Reich shows how wealth and power have interacted to install an elite oligarchy, eviscerate the middle class, and undermine democracy.

Using Jamie Dimon, the chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase as an example, Reich exposes how those at the top propagate myths about meritocracy, national competitiveness, corporate social responsibility, and the “free market” to distract most Americans from their accumulation of extraordinary wealth, and power over the system. Instead of answering the call to civic duty, they have chosen to uphold self-serving policies that line their own pockets and benefit their bottom line. Reich’s objective is not to foster cynicism, but rather to demystify the system so that we might instill fundamental change and demand that democracy works for the majority once again.

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Vital Russian medical aid arrives in Italy

RT America

Mar 25, 2020

Italy is in desperate need of help to fight the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Assistance has come in the form of more than ten Russian military transport planes filled with people and medical supplies. Italy has 63,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich has the story.