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Rep. Katie Porter Schools Housing Secretary Ben Carson on Key Real Estate Term

QuickTake by Bloomberg

May 21, 2019

Rep. KatiePorter schooled Trump’s Housing Secretary Ben Carson on a key real estate term: Porter: “Do you know what an REO is?” Carson: “Oreo?” Porter: “Not an Oreo. An R-E-O.”

Opinion | Democrat Katie Porter’s exchange with CEO Jamie Dimon should shape the 2020 campaigns

Washington Post

Apr 12, 2019

First-term Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) grills JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who made $31 million last year, on how a low-paid teller working at his bank is supposed to pay the bills. Read more: https://wapo.st/2IsAn8V.

Congresswoman Katie Porter secures free coronavirus testing for all Americans

Guardian News

Mar 13, 2020

The US representative Katie Porter has secured free coronavirus testing for all Americans after presenting compelling evidence in the US House of Representatives on Thursday. According to her calculations, coronavirus testing would cost a citizen a minimum of $1,331. She pressed a member of the administration to commit to making all testing immediately free and he conceded

Billions of locusts are descending on Ethiopia

Washington Post

Feb 12, 2020

The Washington Post traveled to southern Ethiopia, which is facing its worst locust outbreak in generations after an uncommon weather pattern in the Indian Ocean caused relentless rains across East Africa.

Swarms of locusts cover the sky in Russia


Feb 20, 2019

People in Russia were shocked when a swarm of locusts covered the sky. They had a few attempts to capture the bugs but failed.

Renewable Subsidies “Laughable” Compared to Fossil Fuels


Mar 15, 2020

Economic Downturn: Coronavirus Created the Perfect Storm

RT America

Mar 15, 2020
As the stock market continues to yo-yo, along with the price of oil, could the Coronavirus be creating the perfect storm for an economic downturn? This week on Boom Bust they asked that very question to Richard Wolff, host of Economic Update. Just Press Play has that segment and the best of other in-depth reports, exclusive interviews and controversial issues you may have missed this week on RT America.

Coronavirus Updates & Coverage








Jerry Falwell Jr. joins Fox & Friends to discuss COVID-19 and VEXIT 3/13/20

JF Media  Mar 13, 2020
[Sad example of ideologically driven and embarrassingly ignorant thought process of some public figures in a time of crisis]



Noam Chomsky: How Climate Change Became a ‘Liberal Hoax’

The Nation

Jan 24, 2011

In this sixth video in the series “Peak Oil and a Changing Climate” from The Nation and On The Earth Productions, linguist, philosopher and political activist Noam Chomsky talks about the Chamber of Commerce, the American Petroleum Institute and other business lobbies enthusiastically carrying out campaigns “to try and convince the population that global warming is a liberal hoax.” According to Chomsky, this massive public relations campaign has succeeded in leading a good portion of the population into doubting the human causes of global warming.

Known for his criticism of the media, Chomsky doesn’t hold back in this clip, laying blame on mainstream media outlets such as the New York Times, which will run frontpage articles on what meteorologists think about global warming. “Meteorologists are pretty faces reading scripts telling you whether it’s going to rain tomorrow,” Chomsky says. “What do they have to say any more than your barber?” All this is part of the media’s pursuit of “fabled objectivity.”

Of particular concern for Chomsky is the atmosphere of anger, fear and hostility that currently reigns in America. The public’s hatred of Democrats, Republicans, big business and banks and the public’s distrust of scientists all lead to general disregard for the findings of “pointy-headed elitists.” The 2010 elections could be interpreted as a “death knell for the species” because most of the new Republicans in Congress are global warming deniers. “If this was happening in some small country,” Chomsky concludes, “it wouldn’t matter much. But when it’s happening in the richest, most powerful country in the world, it’s a danger to the survival of the species.”

Visit www.TheNation.com to learn more about “Peak Oil and a Changing Climate,” and to see the other videos in the series.