Mya Rose Craig | Youth Strike 4 Climate March | Bristol, UK | Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion

Mar 8, 2020

Mya remarked, “The solution for stopping climate change can not rely on the exploitation of human beings,” spontaneous applause erupted from the the crowd before she continued, “we have to think about its impact on the most vulnerable people as we work our way towards a sustainable Earth.”

Mya-Rose Craig (aka Birdgirl… ) is a British Bangladeshi ornithologist and campaigner for equal rights. In February 2020, she received an honorary doctorate in science (D.Sc.h.c) from the University of Bristol, and is said to be the youngest British person to receive such an award.

Craig attends Chew Valley School. She created the non-profit organisation Black2Nature to run nature camps for black and minority ethnic children. Her honorary degree was awarded for that initiative, and in recognition of her advocacy for visible minority ethnic (VME) children and teenagers. She was nominated by Richard Pancost, head of earth sciences at the university.…

Filmed by Lindford Lowe, Zoe Broughton & David Mathias
Edited by Nathaniel Walters

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