Tar Sands Valve Turners & Dr. James Hansen: We Need Civil Disobedience to Fight Climate Change

Democracy Now!

Oct 11, 2018

https://democracynow.org – On October 11, 2016, activists in North Dakota, Washington, Montana and Minnesota turned the manual safety valves on four pipelines, temporarily halting the flow of nearly 70 percent of the crude oil imported to the United States from Canada. They came to be known as the “valve turners.” What followed was a lengthy legal battle that ended with some of the activists in jail. But on Tuesday, three valve turners who broke into an oil pipeline facility in Minnesota on that day in 2016 were acquitted. In this web exclusive, we feature an extended conversation with two of the valve turners, Annette Klapstein and Emily Johnston, their attorney, Kelsey Skaggs, and former NASA scientist Dr. James Hansen.

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