Yale Endowment Justice Coalition




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What is the Yale endowment

An endowment is an ongoing pot of income for a “non-profit” organization. Established in 1718, Yale’s endowment consists of money donated to Yale, as well as money Yale invests.

As of June 2018 Yale’s endowment was valued at $29.4 billion

It’s managed by the Yale Investments Office, run by Chief Investment Officer David Swenson. Swenson is Yale’s highest paid employee.

It makes approximately $8 million per day, and a return of 6-12% annually.

The endowment funds are designated for the long-term funding of University operations, with the majority of funds going towards “undesignated” expenses, “miscellaneous specific purposes,” and professorships. The remaining quarter of the endowment is designated for financial aid, maintenance and books.

Yale’s the second largest university endowment in the world.

Our Demands

Endowment Justice at Yale is a campaign for ethical investment practices at Yale University, comprised of members from across the Yale community, including students, faculty and alumni. We are not members of a single organization or interest group, nor do we share a single political ideology. We are united in our belief that through the endowment Yale is complicit in violence and economic injustice in our own communities and around the world. The only ethical action Yale can take is to cancel its unethical holdings and divest. We are committed to educating the Yale community on the endowment and getting Yale to divest by using a diversity of tactics, including direct action.

We demand that Yale divest from fossil fuels and cancel holdings in Puerto Rican debt.

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